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    I'm a veteran BB user but new to using BBM.....and one thing that really frusturates me is that your BBM contacts and address book contacts aren't linked......meaning that when you want to send a message to person X, and pull them up in the address book, there is no option to send a BBM message.

    Same thing when you are looking at your BBM contact list (if you can figure it out the way everyone changes their names), there wouldn't be an option to go to their address book profle and call them for example.

    Does anyone know why RIM would build BBM this way? / Are there any sort of 3rd party apps that would link these 2 things together?
    11-09-08 08:18 PM
  2. jbeachy's Avatar
    When in Address Book, I think you're right, there is no link to BBM. But when in BBM, if the contact is online, highlighting the contact and clicking Menu will result in options to EMail, Call, PIN, SMS, and MMS the target. I have a Verizon BlackBerry Curve 8330 /

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    11-09-08 09:05 PM
  3. gypsy66's Avatar

    Hoping you can help, I'm new to BB I have a curve 8330 and I'm trying to setup bb messenger contacts. My Niece just got one as well. Anyway, when I go to bb messenger it says no contacts, I then click on menu and then I click on add contact, which brings me to my address book, I select my nieces name, which brings up her tel#'s, then I click on the trackball which brings up a menu the only options are:
    edit,delete, activity log, send to messenger contact and full menu, I then selected send to messenger contact and then all it says is select contact and then it says *empty*
    How the heck do I add a contact to bb messenger? I looked at other forums and I tried to follow but request pin or email are not a part of my options. well that I can find anyway.
    Please help!?
    11-15-08 11:20 PM