1. anon(1049620)'s Avatar
    Hey all,

    I recently downloaded SpotCast on my DevAlpha to see what it was all about. Within the app (which was cleanly designed by the way, loving the new UI specs), you can find nearby locations and then view them on the map. The app appears to be connected to the Maps API, and brings up a good looking map (I've never liked anything but Google, but I'm happy with this in terms of detail level, colours, etc.). Not sure if this is being sourced from a third party API, but I haven't seen any similar looking maps until this point. Anyone know if these look like they're from somewhere else? Or are they possibly BB's new map tiles?

    Take a look at the attached screenshots (top and bottom bars are from the SpotCast app).

    Is this BlackBerry Maps on the Dev Alpha?-img_00000008.jpgIs this BlackBerry Maps on the Dev Alpha?-img_00000009.jpg
    01-23-13 12:37 PM
  2. JR A's Avatar
    I don't know but that map sure looks nice. Definitely looks usable for me at least.
    01-23-13 12:39 PM
  3. jr4941's Avatar
    Isn't this the cascade maps api that was shown a week or so ago? I'm presuming the maps is provided by TomTom, as their partnership was announced a while ago.
    01-23-13 01:01 PM

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