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    Saw some product placement for what appeared to be the new curve touch, aka, the malibu, on a new show called Suits tonight on USA network. Also, the send/end buttons are green and red instead of black/white which made me think it was a torch but pretty sure it was the malibu. The phone appeared twice during the episode. I had to rewind it the first time because I wasn't sure if I saw it right. Then at the end of the episode it showed it again for a good few seconds. Thought it was cool. I don't know if means anything, but good for RIM for getting it out there.
    07-08-11 01:42 AM
  2. californiablackberry's Avatar
    What? That looks like the Storm 3.
    Plus the screen is Android notification bar, Torch OS6 and random OS5 icons at the bottom.
    07-08-11 01:55 AM
  3. Michelle Haag's Avatar
    They add the screens to phones digitally, after shooting...You'd never get a clear shot like that for the show if they didn't. Strange combination they decided to go with here. hahaha
    07-08-11 02:31 AM
  4. 1magine's Avatar
    Just watched the show. And shocked to see its filmed in my offices. I was like, that looks like my building, that looks like my entrance, that looks like our elevator banks, that looks like 50th floor reception...lol. Didn't see any sleep walking zombies in the background, so I guess they don't use attorneys and staff as extras.

    PS must be an S2. the 2011 lineup uses white buttons and the trackpad glows. Also the Monaco/Monza has those butfugly physical buttons. However, I will be keeping a sharp eye during all filming sessions.
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    07-08-11 07:03 AM
  5. Phil DeLong's Avatar
    Yea, I gotta say, that looks more like the Storm 2 than anything else to me.
    07-08-11 07:14 AM
  6. d.roc's Avatar
    I thought it might have been a storm, but it had the trackpad. I had the storm 1 and 2 and they did not have a trackpad.
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    07-08-11 11:55 AM
  7. anon(823957)'s Avatar
    Closed Torch for sure. Coloured End/Call keys, no light-up trackpad.
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    07-08-11 02:41 PM
  8. blackberry-pimp's Avatar
    That looks more like a Torch, not a Storm2.
    07-08-11 05:01 PM