1. stardotstar's Avatar
    Has something changed here, for a while now BB and MAc have not been syncing, I was told this changed with the new DM.

    Anyone know if this is true?
    10-26-11 09:57 AM
  2. jasonvw's Avatar
    I sync everything fine. What's not syncing? The calendar? Photos?

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    10-26-11 10:09 AM
  3. stardotstar's Avatar
    see this http://forums.crackberry.com/showthr...91#post6705891

    has to do with Mobile Me and Cloud I assume.
    10-26-11 10:13 AM
  4. jasonvw's Avatar
    Ahhh, Yes email works with iCloud. The address book syncs. The iCloud calendar does not sync though. You can create a local calendar in ical and have it sync with blackberry. But no way to auto sync with iclouds calendar atm.
    10-26-11 11:08 AM