02-03-14 05:40 PM
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  1. bluetoothfairy's Avatar
    Yes, I turned it back on like you said.. and that error appeared. I think it's really dead.
    02-03-14 01:35 PM
  2. Afua's Avatar
    Having that same problem! And my music won't Sync....
    02-03-14 04:47 PM
  3. RubberChicken76's Avatar
    Having that same problem! And my music won't Sync....
    Out of curiosity, did it sync before? I've found Link never really worked right for me this way. You'd delete songs with Link and it would say they were gone, but they'd still be on the device. Sometimes album art would transfer, other times it wouldn't. Sometimes it would duplicate songs. Sometimes it would fill the device memory when there was a ton of free SD card space.
    02-03-14 04:55 PM
  4. Solar 77's Avatar
    BlackBerry still hasn't fixed the update error.
    Thanks man! Was going through the same thing. Updated mine to the latest version and then after restarting my mac, the update BlackBerry Link button is still showing. Weird.

    Though I could say that I was able to successfully sync my music after updating.. Just lucky I guess?

    Posted via CB10
    02-03-14 05:31 PM
  5. Bla1ze's Avatar

    BlackBerry Link.

    Can't even update right.
    Smartie020 and Cross like this.
    02-03-14 05:40 PM
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