1. vader5900's Avatar
    I have recently moved over to a Key 2 after damaging my much loved Key 1. Migration as been easy with one exception. My CardDav (addresses) and CalDav (calendar) only sync one way, from my computer to my phone. When entering a calendar event on the Key 2 I get a rather lengthy message that states "This calendar account is not associated with an email account............" Odd because it works one way.
    I have been through many threads trying to find out if someone has had the same problem but have not found anyone yet.
    This was not a problem on my Key 1.
    My calendar and address book are based in Bell Sympatico. My Key 2 is running on Android 8.1.0.
    Thoughts anyone? Much appreciated
    04-21-19 06:59 PM
  2. jimk345's Avatar
    this app solved my issues. DAVx5 available on the Playstore.
    04-21-19 08:35 PM
  3. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Why didn't you get your key1 fixed at a phone repair shop?

    Submitted via blackberry passport on freedom mobile HSPA+ or LTE
    04-22-19 12:34 AM
  4. gebco's Avatar
    Yep, you'll probably need an app. I had to download one for my wife's KeyOne.

    this app solved my issues. DAVx5 available on the Playstore.
    04-24-19 09:39 PM
  5. Invictus0's Avatar
    The "this calendar account is not associated" problem has threads going back to the Priv but I don't know if anyone from BlackBerry has ever commented on it (cc @LiamQ). IIRC, Hub+ should still sync with your server but it won't send out invitations (your server might if it supports it once the invite is synced).

    Android has no native support for CalDav or CardDav, Hub+ and DAVx5 are add ons that basically do the same thing and add support for them.
    04-24-19 11:48 PM

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