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    hey i have a blackberry curve 8330 Verizon the phone works great but my 4th sd card that i purchased from crackberry has been ruined again, i have tried to reformat the cards but they've all been corrupted and are impossible to repair, they usually last a month or so then take a crap, has anyone else had this problem and is it an app i have, or is it a defective phone, thanks
    10-11-09 02:22 AM
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    I've never heard of a phone corrupting memory cards before. It might be the memory cards themselves.

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    10-11-09 02:37 AM
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    yeah its weird i work around a lot of electrical equipment and often mistakenly place my level in my pocket near my phone which i believe an sd card is flash memory? and heard that magnetics can ruin the card whether this is true or not i don't know? thanks for the response
    10-11-09 02:46 AM
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    I have a friend experiencing this same issue. I popped his memory card into my Storm and it let me repair it while in my phone and has worked like a charm since!
    10-11-09 02:56 AM
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    thats the thing though the cards get so messed up that i cant format them on my phone, computer, or any other way i try i cant figure out what causes it though because this card lasted me about 2 months then failed on me
    10-11-09 03:04 AM
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    Why can't you format them on your computer? What stops it? How are they being damaged? Is it physical? I've had my 4gb micro sd card every since the sidekick lx was released back in 2007 and the card works fine in my 8900. I formatted the card when I first got it and haven't had to do that since. What are you putting on your card?

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    10-11-09 03:07 AM
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    only pictures and videos and a few songs barley a gigs worth,the phone does not see the card, and the computer says that "windows was unable to format" im going to backup everything and wipe the phone clean I researched this multiple times and am never able to find anything, i really appreciate the help
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    10-11-09 03:16 AM
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    First off, magnets can't do anything to these cards so don't worry about that.

    As for the bad cards, what exactly is displayed on the screen of the PC when you try to format them? The phone actually causing damage is nearly impossible as the only way to actually damage the card is too much voltage. And I can't see that happening.

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    10-11-09 03:20 AM
  9. devGOD's Avatar
    i think the correct word should be corrupt... its not uncommon for the encryption to corrupt a card or have a write access error. simple fix is to connect to your computer windows with detect the card right click go to properties and run the error check-fix on the memory card. you should be all set after that data should be still intact and you can format if needed.
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    10-11-09 11:41 AM
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    have you tried HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool? I had toi find and use this when my ipod wouldn't let me format the drive on it. I use it everytime i find a card or drive that windows won't let em format. so far 100% successful.

    10-11-09 11:50 AM
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    Since this is a recurring problem, I'd be inclined to suspect a file or file type that causes the problem when it's reloaded to the card. Unfortunately, I don't know of a clean way to troubleshoot :-) Maybe backup your SD card and format it, leaving it blank for a while, and slowly start adding files until a failure occurs? You might be able to associate the failure with a file or file type, but I know this isn't a very reliable testing method.

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    10-11-09 11:52 AM
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    thanks everyone i will try all of these responses, and i do agree with leaving the card blank and slowly adding files onto it, theres not much else i can do to find it
    10-11-09 02:13 PM
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    Unfortunately these kind of memory cards are very error prone. They are actually 33% bigger than the memory reports but that extra bit of memory is for error checking.

    The upside to this memory is the speed, it's far faster than the alternatives.

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    10-11-09 02:44 PM