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    Something you WOULD gain is the ability to capitalize your sentences. That would be big plus for readers having to read your drivel.
    Right so don't actually respond to my point. Just disregard it with distraction and claim it invalid. Considering I took the time to pose a valid question and all you did was try to insult, gonna have to say you're the one spewing drivel..
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    02-02-13 10:12 AM
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    1. people send emails at work...mostly from those big beige boxes called desktops and smaller stuff called Laptops. know of these? Unless you're on the move, most people prefer to use their computers to send emails. unless you're seriously suggesting the iPhones and Android phones cannot send emails or connect to an Activesync Exchange to receive push email, you don't really have a point there.

    2. If your iPad reboots anytime you change wifi network, it's clearly a fault with YOUR unit and this should have since been taken to the Apple Store for a quick replacement. why complain about something that's your fault?

    The iPhone and any decent Android phone now do great telephony with good reception and good call quality, they do email pretty well and have loads of apps. If the email experience on iOS and Android is good enough for Yahoo, you'd better believe its very good and more than adequate for use.
    Let me clarify:

    • Email is better on the BB. Why? On my BB I keep a lot of emails, on my desktop I delete only those that need follow-up. That emails on exchange and BB can be independently deleted is a useful feature to me. When I actually need to view a 50mb excel file, I use my desktop.
    • The Phone: 3 iphones in the family and one BB. I'm dissatisfied with the call quality of the iphones. Again, IMO.
    • IOS Calendar: It's buggy, a technote has been issued to employees not to accept meetings using your IOS device.
    • WIFI: Another issue, but not as you interpeted my post. When switching wifi networks, my ipad almost always requires a reboot because it can't access the wifi network. Again, I'm not the only that has experienced this in my circle.

    So I agree on sheer numbers ios and andriod win. I can't comment on android telephony, but have a definite negative opinion on iphone telephony. Email goes to BB only for the reason, I can unset the sync between exchange and BES.
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    This thread has some very entrenched views... especially for people who (for the most part) have not even spent 5 minutes with the Z10 or BB10.
    It's hard for most people to spend any time with the Z10 or BB 10 when no BB 10 smartphones have been officially released yet (and won't be released for another few weeks in the U.S.) and the Playbook hasn't been updated to BB 10 as of this writing.
    02-02-13 10:23 AM
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    Right so don't actually respond to my point. Just disregard it with distraction and claim it invalid. Considering I took the time to pose a valid question and all you did was try to insult, gonna have to say you're the one spewing drivel..
    I read your post and am confused about your point also.

    Validation is not how many friends one has a particular brand of chat software. My Imessage has only 3 contacts, my immediate family. Google chat is a non-starter for me and multi-platform does not make it better. It makes it multi-platform. As far as group video chat, meh. Including BB 10 they are all going to have some of these features. Plus BB 10 will allow voice calls over wifi. Something I can't do natively with IOS.

    The camera robustness is at the bottom of the list of things I care about. It just has to be good enough and according to BB 10 , crackberry review, it is.

    IOS on the iphone, imo, is the worst thing I have every experienced (and if you read my preceding post I have 3 iphones in the family). IOS works much better on an ipad.

    As far as bugs don't get me started in IOS:
    - bad calendar bug that causes issues in exchange
    - constant safari crashes on ipad.
    - almost always required reboot of ipad when switching wifi networks

    Not really bad things, except for #1, in and of themselves. #1 renders IOS useless for some calendar activities.

    "i just wish RIM didn't leave such a huge gap between the z10 and the current market. the OS has some cool features, but not really anything exclusive"

    I do agree with this statement. As my S2 is now three years old, my choices for a new phone is either iphone or BB 10. The calls over wifi is an exclusive feature that actually may sway my decision. As I constantly fumble around on an iphone, I'm not particularly concerned about fumbling around on any phone, it's a new learning paradigm and that's what it is. I do agree whole heartedly with the comment about the gap.
    02-02-13 10:38 AM
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    This is wrong. The iPhone 5 is much more powerful than the Z10. It has a more powerful CPU and a MUCH more powerful GPU.
    There's less RAM and screen resolution on the iPhone 5 but it has a way superior camera and better brightness and viewing angles than the Z10.

    The A5X in the iPhone 5 crushes the S4 in the Z10 in every single benchmark under the sun, GPU and CPU. There are very few phones out now with faster CPU than the iPhone 5 and there's no single mobile phone out there that has a better GPU than the iPhone 5.

    Seriously, do you guys not follow up on tech news?
    I thought the iPhone 5 used an A6, not and A5X.

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    02-02-13 10:58 AM
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    The problem with your argument is that I don't think (based on what I've seen so far anyway) iOS and especially Android will feel any pressure whatsoever to move towards what BB is doing. If anything I think the BB software solidifies the direction Apple and especially Android are headed in.

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    And if they really think that, it shows they are in they same boat RIM was 3 years ago.
    02-02-13 12:07 PM
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    I thought the iPhone 5 used an A6, not and A5X.

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    Yeah, my bad. I got that mixed up. you're right, it's the A6.
    02-02-13 01:21 PM
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