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    Okay guys. I will admit, the iPhone 4 looks absolutely stunning, not to mention all of the apps it has out there available for almost anything. I will also admit that it has me wanting one. I absolutely LOVE my blackberry, but between the two, I'm craving the iPhone. I've always actually craved the iPhone ever since my brother ordered his iPhone 3G, even moreso when he received his 3Gs.

    I'm also really interested in the Blackberry 9800. It looks absolutely amazing as well, but I'm so torn between the two. I wish I were able to just have both, however we all know that's silly for just an everyday user. BBM is another issue. I love that messenger client, but I think I could do without it. (MAYBE) I also love that with blackberry you can have contact ids, but with the iPhone you cannot. Blackberry OS6 looks like a plus as well. Another thing making me want an iPhone is the iPhone works with mu car stereo's Mp3 cord. All I have to do is hook it into my iPhone. Of course I can do that with the Blackberry as well, but it doesn't work correctly. It switches back and forth from Headset to Mp3 endlessly.

    I'm so confused on what to do really. Also, with AT&T's new data plan restrictions I'm actually scared to go to the iPhone as well. I know if I upgrade to an iPhone I will be able to keep my unlimited data plan, however what if I really DON'T like the iPhone? Will I be able to switch back to my blackberry and still have my unlimited plan? What about if I do like the iPhone, but say after 6 months I'd rather have my blackberry over the iPhone? Will I still be able to go back to my unlimited blackberry plan?
    07-27-10 09:48 AM
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    You honestly seem to have a real delimma. I chose the iPhone personally for device build and quality as well as the FaceTime calling since I deploy a lot. Finally my family members are all migrating from blackberry to iPhone which is another reason. If I were you I would right down all the good and bad of both then weigh them. Both smartphones are good phones though so you will be happy with either just always wondering about the other.(maybe).
    07-28-10 08:02 AM
  3. mcdanielnc89's Avatar
    Yeah. I hate being stuck where I'm at, lol.
    07-28-10 08:35 AM
  4. mcdanielnc89's Avatar
    What about the data plans question?
    07-29-10 12:00 PM
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    I went to an iPhone4 after using BB for years, and trying the Anroid line for AT&T. If you've become used to the freedom, and level of customization that a BB gives you...you may hate the iPhone the way I do.

    Keep in mind, I don't play any games but card games on my phone, so their app store has no real advantage over anybody else's to me. Everything I use is available on BB and Android market.

    They tout the iPhone as a media phone, but it's almost a total fail as one. You had better get used to being bothered EVERY TIME YOU GET A MESSAGE. I know, I text a lot. I use over a thousand a week. Watching a video on Youtube? It gets paused for every message. Watching a video on your iPod? Listening to streaming radio? Playing a game? Trying to take a picture? Dialing a number on your phone? Every text that comes in stops what you're doing. If you're on the phone and you get 10 texts...you have to close each one to hang the phone up, or switch to a waiting call. So annoying. Not to mention when you are showing someone things on your phone, they see your buisiness. Apple told me I should turn the phone on airplane mode, so I miss an important call while playing around. One of the dumbest things to come out a lying company like them I've ever heard (they say a lot of dumb things lately)

    The inability to set text message tones to each contact, the lack of a missed call light, the lack of options in picking an app that does the functions of their native apps but better, the signal is NOT better than previous versions either (we spent a week in Ohio, and my friend's 3G had 5 bars while my 4 searched for signal all week).

    iTunes is also a slow running program that makes me convert files that I used to be able to drag and drop and be done with, faster than iTunes can load. It's slowed my PC's performance down. Having to make playlists, or transferring a whole artist's catalog instead of being able to just transfer single songs is annoying as well. The user file has also been repeatedly corrupted, and in over a month I've used 4 of my 5 licenses that I'm allowed. I'm not techically impaired either...I build PC's, I've rooted Droids, and done a lot of OS upgrades on BBs including adding COD files to builds of BBOS5.

    People will call me a hater, and it's true. In the month I've had this phone, I've grown to hate it. This phone and it's proprietary software have fought my attempts to use it my way at every turn. It's frustrating and annoying. I have just as many app crashes (Apple doesn't tell you they crash, just return you to the home screen) as BB and Android. I'd love a Droid X, but I have too many lines to cancel to switch. The AT&T Android choices are limited compared to VZW's. I wanted to return my iPhone, but I already had one return and they said NO!

    To each their own though. It is a pretty polished interface, the best out there even (not by much though). Everything behind the scenes ruins it for me though.

    Heil Apple! I used to be free
    07-29-10 12:51 PM
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    P.S. You can switch your data plan back and forth all you want. They told me as long it's never cancelled, it's with you for life.
    07-29-10 12:52 PM
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    That's what I'm afraid of. I love texting, msging, etc. My media works find on the blackberry, but I thought about switching because i can't get my blackberry to work in my car stereo. it keeps booting back to the handset instead of going through the car speakers.

    So teh data plans. with them having the new ones, I can switch back and forth all i want as long as i don't give up the unlimited plan?
    07-29-10 01:01 PM
  8. mark_rivers19's Avatar
    switcher here... From an iphone to a Blackberry.. ( that's why i'm here in this forum).
    anyway..if there was no ipod touch and iPad. i'll say go with the iphone 4
    but if you need a PHONE.. which is why we all buy cellphones in the first place.
    i'd suggest you do the blackberry route.
    but like what others said.. to each his own!
    you WILL NEVER find a perfect one.. if you do.. let me know
    07-29-10 01:16 PM
  9. mcdanielnc89's Avatar
    lol. I hear ya Mark. I've never owned the iPhone, however, I own a BlackBerry. My brother owns an iPhone. Although I like it, I seem to like my BB better.
    07-29-10 01:19 PM
  10. devGOD's Avatar
    P.S. You can switch your data plan back and forth all you want. They told me as long it's never cancelled, it's with you for life.
    if you dont want your iphone4 i'll buy it from you? cash and my 9700
    07-29-10 02:29 PM
  11. Gajeni's Avatar
    I am not a fan of an all touch phone ~ I love my BB, and think I will always stick with it Good Luck!!
    08-04-10 08:48 PM