10-26-09 10:10 AM
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  1. impalass96's Avatar
    I'm also down; T-Mobile Los Angeles, CA...
    06-11-09 02:06 PM
  2. Marauder2k9's Avatar
    Also down...
    Telus, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    06-11-09 02:12 PM
  3. jdk2's Avatar
    Not usable on VZW in South Jersey.
    06-11-09 02:13 PM
  4. bwong005's Avatar
    i was down too. everything just got reconnected though. problem should be fixed.... chicago
    06-11-09 02:13 PM
  5. davisg13's Avatar
    i am down too

    verizon, ATL
    06-11-09 02:17 PM
  6. polishpirate's Avatar
    Got message at 8 am to reset hotmail password and haven't been able to access email settings server since then. According to Verizon, blackberry and hotmail updated something overnite causing the problem and now the servers are overloaded. Their solution was to wait until things calmed down and try again!!??!!
    06-11-09 02:17 PM
  7. cHa0s911's Avatar
    My service is down also here in Kentucky.....I have a hotmail account and received the email this morning to update my password, but am unable to due to not being able to connect to email setup
    06-11-09 02:28 PM
  8. gotnoteeth's Avatar
    Same problem with the hotmail password email and being unable to log into my BIS account to fix it.
    06-11-09 02:31 PM
  9. Munchoboy's Avatar
    I'm experiencing the same issue with my Hotmail access, but my Gmail is working just fine so at least I've got that going for me.

    My Hotmail access has been down since I perfromed the upgrade earlier this morning. Oh well, I guess I'll keep trying.
    06-11-09 02:41 PM
  10. batrad's Avatar
    got the email to update my Hotmail password..

    Can't get in on the East coast AT&T BIS either from the device or the website
    06-11-09 02:45 PM
  11. Munchoboy's Avatar
    Keep trying folks, I was just able to get in and correct the problem and WHAM! like a dozen e-mails magically appeared!

    I guess I just needed to publically bad-mouth the issue before I could get it to work.
    06-11-09 02:57 PM
  12. lorac32's Avatar
    I usually get emails like after 11pm or so...but last night I didn't get anything. So i send myself and email and I didn't get it! It was weird! so I just send my service books and it re-registered all my emails..AGAIN! so then i did a battery pull and i got ALL my emails. This didn't happen to me since I put in the leaked .148 like when it came out. But not since then. Is this normal?? Does anyone know why this happen? weird?
    06-11-09 03:00 PM
  13. shot598's Avatar
    i cant get my email
    06-11-09 03:09 PM
  14. cfreese66's Avatar
    No email all day here in Tulsa, OK. This sucks. I'm having the same problems as everyone else.
    06-11-09 03:24 PM
  15. cathmary's Avatar
    I am finally back up... as of about an hour ago. I get emails pushed from Roadrunner, Yahoo and Hotmail. Nothing at all until nearly 4 pm CT, then got an email to reset Hotmail pwd. BIS (AT&T) site extremely slooooow but finally in now.

    Glad I wasn't the only one -- and thanks for the dataoutages.com link.
    06-11-09 04:51 PM
  16. DocZ's Avatar
    I've been trying to validate my email address now for 3 hours... glad I found this, I'll stop for the night...
    06-11-09 05:37 PM
  17. chele519's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem but I don't get an email to update the hotmail password. Can someone tell me how to set that up once this is fixed?
    06-11-09 06:03 PM
  18. lnichols's Avatar
    Well I lost my 8830 this morning and bought a curve cause it was cheaper than doing the insurance. Tried to get PIN switched in system and Sprint couldn't do it. They said RIM is having a problem affecting all carriers. I called back later and asked and they were still "down". Going to try again in a little bit.
    06-11-09 06:11 PM
  19. TheSultan's Avatar
    I've heard that there's been problems today. I'm on Verizon in upstate NY, it's a little slow for me, but nothing serious.
    06-11-09 06:14 PM
  20. panida's Avatar
    Got a hotmail password reset request last night but not able to make any changes. Can you guys still have internet access? My internet browser is not working too.
    06-11-09 06:15 PM
  21. douglas_c17's Avatar
    It dropped my hotmail account altogether. Got the email saying I needed to update my password this morning... Then the icon disappeared this afternoon. Log on to the BIS to try and re-add it...says it can't be validated. my @vzw.blackberry.net email is still working fine. Damn BIS.
    06-11-09 06:16 PM
  22. Karli1234's Avatar
    my browser is working fine, it just won't load Verizon BIS
    06-11-09 06:16 PM
  23. douglas_c17's Avatar
    If your browser isn't working...thats a data services issue. Resend service books... Of if you have Verizon, dial *228.
    06-11-09 06:18 PM
  24. sahaller's Avatar
    VZW BIS seems to be toast here in Pittsburgh.

    I got the same email about updating my hotmail pw and am having same problems trying to log into the BIS from my 8330 to update it.
    06-11-09 06:39 PM
  25. PatDuffy's Avatar
    N/E Ohio has been down all day. Had a nice talk with my Alltel/Verizen rep its been down since 8:00am and they have no idea when it will be up.
    06-11-09 06:49 PM
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