1. araLe-tot's Avatar
    This crazy thing called 'plankin' has hit here over night! I know for certain that most of the pictures taken were with some form of BlackBerry.

    There was a news article blasting the local police for that photo. It has subsequently been pulled.


    Awesome how this device helped spread an internet meme in real life.
    07-12-11 11:19 PM
  2. californiablackberry's Avatar
    Wait, why am I watching a video of sXephil talking about planking?
    I do enjoy his videos, but I don't see anything Blackberry in the video. LOL.

    How do you know for certain that the pictures where taken with a Blackberry?
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    07-12-11 11:24 PM
  3. araLe-tot's Avatar
    Sorry I should have said a bit more. BlackBerry is extremely popular here. I know most of those pictures were taken with a BlackBerry b/c I live here, and, own one too

    I know I have little credibility but I thought I'd share anyway. I feel like an embedded journalist kindasortanotreally when I share P.O.V. of my life experiences with the world.

    EDIT: I also thought it would be a good type of topic to share. Helps balance out the content here
    07-12-11 11:32 PM
  4. ekafara's Avatar
    It was popular down here in Australia. Until some kid tried to plank on a balcony railing and plummeted to his death. Not so popular anymore...

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    07-13-11 12:38 AM
  5. daveycrocket's Avatar
    I'd like to make an appeal, to all those who feel planking is for them and use a BlackBerry "Please place the BlackBerry in a place of safety"
    07-13-11 03:32 AM