1. Daz_Mann's Avatar
    I noticed that every time i connected 8900 to wifi i failed to receive any emails so i did a wifi diagnostics test which came up with this error "Blackberry Infrastructure Connecting Error"

    i have looked at alot of threads but still no joy even played with my router restarting it & turning off the firewall in case this was the issue

    I didn't know if this was a port forwarding problem but i don't know any of the port's

    any ideas would be great

    i am running a netgear router

    04-14-09 01:07 PM
  2. djfuze's Avatar
    i had the exact error and after calling my phone company they ended up sending me a new phone out.

    well it beyond a joke because today i just been out and i cant get online via the blackberry and i not getting any emails either.

    phone will test and call ok and even send email.

    it will not recieve any emails ,i got 5 email addresses not one incoming email.

    i sent a test email to each email address they all sent fine,but i never recieved any.

    i just got in my house and it picked up my wireless network and i got all the emails i sent when i was out.

    so it connects to my network it seems it the carrier that got a problem,i on to them right now.

    it cant be 4 phones in a row that faulty.
    05-11-09 04:03 AM
  3. djfuze's Avatar
    i on to them now they say you should not have to keep pulling the battery,why do people accept havint to do this,it is a fault,how many other phones do you have to do this with.

    anyway i been told delete all my servive books so far and turn wifi off i done that tried ww.google.com in browser it not connect says it a wifi feature and needs wifi..i on hold again whay he goes away and checks..
    05-11-09 04:46 AM
  4. djfuze's Avatar
    they told me take sim card out and wipe it then put back in...also they said they going to send me a new sim card out.

    in the mean time they using my details on a test phone in the office to see if it works ok,i cant believe i am now on my 4th blackberry bold since september it is way beyond a joke,i cant have had 4 faulty phones though,not a chance ...

    wonder if a new sim card will cure it.

    also i see you posted this question a while back and as yet had no replies,you telling me we the only 2 people this happens too.
    05-11-09 04:53 AM
  5. Daz_Mann's Avatar
    i did manage to sort my problem but mine was with orange not my handset, they turned something on an now it all works well
    05-11-09 06:20 AM
  6. djfuze's Avatar
    well i still on the phone 2 hours now i factory reset it downloaded the latest software,now it will not accept my service books so i worse than when i called them..

    i have decided the bold is a piece of crap.
    05-11-09 06:39 AM
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    06-17-09 05:59 AM
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    i did manage to sort my problem but mine was with orange not my handset, they turned something on an now it all works well
    You are right on this one. IT's a problem with Orange. I am having the same issue & I am unable to solve it. Do you have any Idea what they Did? Did they go in the router settings? I would very much appreciate your input.
    05-12-11 11:16 AM
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    had the same problem. here is the solution.

    with wifi on, Go to option> advanced options>service book>WI-FI/IP Browser>then click bb menu key and select show HRT>highlight WI-FI[60]>bb menu key and select register now.
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    06-13-11 11:35 AM