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    BlackBerry 10 is the best and all BlackBerry devices are awesome but many people in India don't know that BlackBerry exists and is that any good, all these is because lack of Popularity,lack of Advertisements. Samsung holds a great share in Indian market because of huge popularity even though there is no stuff in Samsung which BlackBerry has. If a guy gets a Samsung even his friend gets a Samsung as his friend has the same without thinking pros and cons. I'm sure that BlackBerry gonna rock in future days with new devices like leap,slider,..,... but BlackBerry needs to show people in India about their Product and OS, everyone are thinking that BlackBerry 10 is very difficult to use but we all know how BB10 is.. its just Amazing! but it needs to be shown to people so that they know it clearly. Everyone are fed up with Android and iOS and everyone will definetly try a BlackBerry if it is shown to them, BlackBerry is addictive and we all love it.
    No doubt that BlackBerry gonna rock in coming days, BlackBerry will definetly get profits in India if they take them to people.
    Love you BlackBerry...

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    True.You have brought very good points for Blackberry's popularity in India. Primarily, it has to be placed among youth. But, more importantly, blackberry has to improve service centre quality. It's pathetic in India and no one shows concern to improve. I had to struggle for more than 3 months for a replacement of my Z30 which was under warranty and many more have similar experience.
    04-08-15 08:15 AM
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    BlackBerry is almost on its way out of the Indian market. I have seen only one Q10 in the wild in the last 6 months. The fact is everyone either wants the cheap and fancy android phones or the iphones. Just read in today's paper that Apple has hit 1billion in revenue in India. They are only going to increase by leaps and bounds. Blackberry on the otherhand is hardly even seen in the stores. They don't even have the passport anymore. Last I saw Chroma only had the classic and the sales guy said they can count how many sold on the fingers of his right hand. That's says quite a bit. There are few ads on the highways here and there in Mumbai every now and then a new device is released. Now I have no clue as to what's happening with the corporates really. I work in a field where I meet a lot of corporates and yet to come across a brand using Blackberry phones with BES10/12. It's reached a stage I feel where no one really cares about BlackBerry. It's Android, Apple and May be a few Lumias here and there

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    BlackBerry is offering cheap now Z3 12k
    Z10 17k
    Q10 16K
    Q5 14K
    Now leap will be around 20... And in India people doesn't want only cheap phones many are doing with HTC desires,Sony's Zs which are above 25k... But people in India don't know that there is a choice called BlackBerry..price is not at all a problem now..So BlackBerry should make them know, so that they will definetly try..

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    04-08-15 11:12 AM
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    BlackBerry should increase the presence in stores like Croma, Reliance Digital... even these two big chains can increase awareness about the BlackBerry brand...

    Don't know what the sales team is focusing on... I'd like to help them as an intern and I think I can convince some stores to carry and push BlackBerry

    Spend some money on advertising... India is a big market for mobile phones...

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    04-08-15 05:25 PM

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