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    The terms and conditions take you to a BlackBerry site about 3rd party web pages.

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    02-24-14 07:53 AM
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    Since 2010 ?
    02-24-14 08:02 AM
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    The Crackberry mods on this thread are much better at filtering then their mods when it should be the other way around. They need to be strict like on XDA Developer forums so the good ideas get seen.

    Right now this is what is happening in the site:
    1. a lot of these ideas are turning into spam.
    2. People are posting duplicate ideas.
    3. People are posting things that have already been announced that are coming.
    4. People are posting ideas that are already in BB10.
    The Blackberry Innovation Centre should terminate these thread. Send a "No-Reply" email to the person who made the thread and say that the feature is already implemented, being worked on or give a link to the first thread made.

    This needs to be done to make this site effective. If not they might as well look at crackberry forum posts mixed into their site.

    That Siya guy is a prime example of spam...
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    02-28-14 02:17 PM
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