1. renocivik's Avatar
    Hello crackberry abusers!

    Talk about crackberry abuse.. my 5 month old puppy "Matty" got ahold of my wifes blackberry curve 8320.. and chewed it up pretty good.. I have looked on ebay for parts.. but they are a bit out of my price range right now.. I basically need all of the outer parts of the phone... the shell and the keypad.. also.. i need the side panels.. if those are even separate parts... the side panel that go around the usb port especially..

    I can offer some cash for the parts.. maybe I can offer services as well? I am very good with computers, fixing them and cleaning them up.. fixing slow running computers.. etc.. I am also decent with web design... far from a pro.. but i can get done what i need done.. so maybe i can help you? You can check out my website @ renomobiledjs dot com (sorry not spam.. just reference).. I am also a DJ.. i mostly dj weddings.. but i DJ nightclubs as well... so maybe you want a mix cd... ?? Maybe I can exchange a Cd along with some cash for the parts.. any or all of them if you have them...

    Sorry if I seem like a beggar.. I just feel bad for my wife.. we both have blackberrys.. and I guess the nice thing would be to give her mine.. which is in great shape.. because i am ever sooo careful with it... lol.. but.. no way!! I am sure you all know what i mean... trading perfect blackberry for broken blackberry = severe depression... and we dont want that!!! lol

    thank you all !!!!!!
    11-30-08 01:59 AM
  2. JORB's Avatar
    You will have better luck in the market place section. Or check out "cnn.cn"
    11-30-08 02:22 AM
  3. CipherDias's Avatar
    cnn.cn or dare I say it/ eBay!
    11-30-08 04:15 AM
  4. zahirw's Avatar
    cnn.cn, just ordered, let u know if it comes in fine
    11-30-08 05:05 AM