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    Here is news on a positive use of BBM ......

    "With the recent riots taking place across the UK, Research in Motion have been getting some pretty negative press due to rioters using BlackBerry Messenger as one form of communication. With the BlackBerry being so popular these days of course BBM will be used, but it will not have been the only form of communication for these thugs. If the BlackBerry didn't have such a huge market share in the UK then other applications would have got the publicity.

    But this article isn't about that. What interests me is that although the Police are getting stick from members of the press, it is the Police themselves that are using the BlackBerry solution to make policing the streets more efficient.

    Several UK Police Forces now use the BlackBerry solution routinely and others are currently trialing it."

    Full article BlackBerry helping the UK Police fight crime on our streets
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    08-18-11 11:21 AM