1. tomwiz's Avatar
    Just wondering if there is any rumor or announcement of a BB which will support all web formats such as flash. Nokia E71 does it, so i know its possible. Specifically looking for Verizon.
    01-05-09 08:09 PM
  2. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    No BB does this at the moment, with no set dates for any releases.
    01-05-09 08:11 PM
  3. 07thking's Avatar
    That would be nice to have as an option.
    01-05-09 08:27 PM
  4. StoneCld61's Avatar
    That would be very nice, I get really disappointed not being able to watch a lot of videos.

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    01-05-09 09:46 PM
  5. 12MaNy's Avatar
    Being able to view Flash content would be cool beyond words.
    01-06-09 12:22 AM
  6. shawnsox2004's Avatar
    I agree flash software on a BB would be awesome but then poses the question of will browsing speed suffer? I mean a page that supports flash would take longer to load you would think, then again maybe I am wrong and who knows maybe rim is waiting until they release there next big thing to push this on it? For all we know they could honestly be testing the software as we speak! Then what would all those Iphone users have on us? Oh wait they don't have anything on us now as it is!

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    01-06-09 02:58 AM