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    Around 2011-2012 era

    I rate devices according to their availability
    (here in the philippines) and prices
    this how my ranking goes

    1. Android
    2. Nokia
    3. IOS- so expensive
    4. BlackBerry

    1. Android..Wow as a new guy on the smartphone scene I loved android with awesome specs and good looking phone (Sony)(Samsung looks cheap and theire devices looks the same..). Being a Nokia user for quite sometime having android is the best thing for me during that time.

    2. Nokia- Nokia is on a downhill during this time but its still the best selling device here in the philippines for a decade.

    3. IOS- would like to have one but its so expensive

    4. BlackBerry - Expensive Device with poor specs and too small of a device for my large thumb. I hate pkb looks so old.. (during that time)

    But when I got my first BlackBerry (Q10) around 2014 which I intend to get during that time out of curiosity and I just want to get out of the android bandwagon. My ranking changes

    1. BlackBerry
    2. IOS
    3. Windows
    10. Android

    1. BlackBerry security specifically ID was awesome and I was also a victim of it when I suddenly forgot my BlackBerry lock code all of my songs ive kept were wiped out. And also I manage to use the tracking feature during that time and got my device back. Unfortunately the next time I used it was the time when my Q10 got stolen and I manage to wiped out the device. This scenario proves to me that BlackBerry rocks.

    2. I put IOS in Second because I believe security wise the next best secured device is IOS. Price wise might be expensive but by just calling MAC Center and putting lock code on ur device. it can make ur device unusable. (Even they were exposed with IOS leaked photos scandal). If I do have a budget might get apple for apps that I need outside BlackBerry world.

    3. I put Windows on third spot out of curiosity and if the only two choices on earth is a windows or android device. If only they can make a pkb on their device with their Windows 10 device that would be awesome.

    4. With exaggeration I put Android on the last spot simply because Android is the least secured, bloated and battery eating machine on earth lol (apple might come second in terms of battery life) Android+ BlackBerry. might be a good combo but im not buying it. Might consider if they can make a pkb android-bb combination

    Disclamer: My opinion only but will also like to start a healthy conversation hehe

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