1. Grafic111's Avatar
    Is it me or is this the general feeling. We fans are usually more vocal and defensive when anything negative is said about blackberry in the popular media..be it twitter, Facebook, YouTube or articles.
    I have often seen blackberry fans coming to the fore to protect and defend blackberry.

    Personally I feel that is one of the reason that keeps blackberry going strong. We just don't give up on it. ;-)


    12-04-14 01:38 PM
  2. dbmalloy's Avatar
    Not sure we are more passionate or not... it is a fine line between passion and being a fanboy or worst a troll.... we may be a bit more defensive because lets face it .. in the smartphone world we get dumped on the most... BB is dead... BB is crap... what you still use a BB ( cue laughter ).... I think the more you are insecure in your choice the more defensive you became... I enjoy my phone and really do not care what others think... perhaps that is the issue the OP is touching on... yes it is important to believe you made the right choice... but not to the point of having to defend said choice,.,...
    12-04-14 01:50 PM
  3. mnc76's Avatar
    I agree.

    I just wish there was more positive articles on BlackBerry in the media.

    For example, if you were an iPhone "super-fan", what do you even have to get defensive about? Can one get defensive from there being too much glowing praise for your favourite company? Too many reviewers who are bigger Apple superfans than even you?

    With BlackBerry, half the time it's a matter of just correcting reviewers who post misinformation due to a lack of knowledge of the device they are reviewing LOL

    (I still remember the Verge saying that there is no fast way to file emails on the Passport, totally ignoring the "email triage" feature. Someone (very politely) pointed out this error in the comments, and was immediately labelled as an obsessive BlackBerry fanboy.)

    Posted from my awesome White Z30
    12-04-14 01:53 PM
  4. BBUniq01's Avatar
    I think I have seen more defensive postings from Apple users on Twitter, this forum and other tech sites too.

    I will correct someone if they are misinformed. And that goes with other products, not just BlackBerry.

    Posted via Q10 with 1154
    12-04-14 02:34 PM

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