1. cdnefro's Avatar
    This is a pretty nerdy post but you gotta love when you go somewhere and there's blackberrys everywhere! I'm watchin football at my buddies house and there's an 8520, 8310, 2 tours, and 8900 in the house-and we're all playin around with each others phone's...talkin blackberry love! I love that there's so many devices out there now to check out, used a trackpad for the first time today, it's great!!

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    11-08-09 05:25 PM
  2. david9962000's Avatar
    It's a BB party!
    11-08-09 06:07 PM
  3. cenloe's Avatar
    Nice. Blackberries are everywhere these days.

    Go Cowboys!!
    11-08-09 06:17 PM
  4. cdnefro's Avatar
    Can't really ride for the cowboys but at least we agree on blackberrys!

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    11-08-09 07:52 PM
  5. alexs0fly's Avatar
    I never see blackberrys at my university. I get excited when i see a fellow 8900 though!
    11-08-09 11:08 PM
  6. fumbalah's Avatar
    So many people have BB's at my University. Not many people know how to use them to their full potential though!
    11-08-09 11:11 PM