1. bambam1799's Avatar
    So I just bought a Bold 9930 yesterday. I was SO excited to get a Blackberry back in my hands. In under 24 hours though, I am just sitting here shaking my head and how such a massive company and powerful company could ever allow themselves to become such a failure. The phone is sexy, the keyboard is amazing, but apps?? Not dumb Android apps, but normal everyday apps like Facebook just plain suck. No Sirius app, no NHL Game Center which is Verizon all the way, not to mention Blackberry has been a MAJOR sponsor of the NHL for years. What is going on??? I find app after app that are available for every BB except the 9900 bolds. All I read on here is how happy Bold owners are. I just dont get it. Man I wish I could have this keyboard with Androids platform.
    04-15-12 10:25 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    There are a couple other threads about the subject already. Please add to one of those. Thanks
    04-15-12 10:27 PM