10-26-16 03:24 AM
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    I can see some second and third tier smartphone manufactures looking at the existing enterprise BB10 install base and thinking that there might be an opportunity to sell what are essentially official BB10 knockoffs with a BlackBerry label. To some enterprise buyers, they would simply see them as new BlackBerrys. People who buy Thinkpads probably didn't notice any difference when they became Lenovos.
    Hey maybe Lenovo, good point. Again the big issue, if I understand correctly, is the cost of driver development. But if the price point is right and they sell volume to offset the cost, who knows.

    It goes without saying that the app ecosystem is anemic, but that's possibly not an issue depending on who they target?

    Maybe Lenovo, for example, could target Chinese enterprises and Gov't in a way BlackBerry never could? And it wouldn't be blocked by the Canadian Government because it's not a buyout?

    Or nothing could happen, but an interesting what if discussion.
    10-03-16 11:03 AM
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    Pini’s confident about what’s in the pipeline, and says he’s seen specifically strong demand from second and third-tier players, some of whom are even lining up to put BlackBerry’s own BB10 platform in their phones. He says BlackBerry will maintain a portfolio in the hyper-competitive US market as well.

    I don't think he is saying that - my quote in the FAQ is a direct attributable quote to him - that people you mention is a journalist's *take* on what he said - a critical difference. It's pretty clear he gave a pool interview and different sources wrote it up in different ways (the interview appears in at least four different articles in slightly different ways) - so I'm going to stick in the FAQ to verbatim quotes where possible and his direct quote is:

    “I wouldn’t be surprised to see the software in another device,” he says. “But I couldn’t tell you when or where.”

    If you have a verbatim quote, you'd like adding, just supply it to me and I'll add it.

    Also, you are making some assumptions that are not supported by facts...

    Do you KNOW what second and third tier parties are? Facts to support?
    No which is why the FAQ statement on that matter is qualified:

    What is a second or third tier player?

    This is hard to pin down in a factual sense but it might include alcatel, Blu, Doogee (depending on the region).

    They have made no comments on who they are in discussions with...
    Which is why the FAQ makes the factually accurate statement of "there are no other known licensing parties"
    10-03-16 11:35 AM
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    So what happens to the snobs on this forum who keep blathering on about "cheap Chinese junk" when a $100 BB10 phone gets released? Do their heads explode?
    I guess the question is - how hard is to write drivers so BB10 runs on Mediatek? Anyone?
    10-03-16 11:35 AM
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    That's a software engineer question. But nothing is impossible I believe.
    10-03-16 11:39 AM
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    Come now

    Rename QNX to BB10 and bam! You have license partners.

    Unless they're put off by the fact that BB10 was QNX overweight, socially awkward, step cousin, and go elsewhere thinking that QNX is dead
    Perhaps ironically, I do actually see a brighter future for the boring and elderly QNX that its bloated cousin (BB10) can never hope for.

    QNX will continue to be a steady commodity item in automotive - bringing steady but unglamorous profits to BB; and what Dan Dodge will create for Apple to underpin their self-driving car will I'm sure be just distinctive enough from QNX to keep BB's lawyers at bay but be at the same time recognisably a 21st century development of QNX.

    So, a win for BB... but probably a bigger win for Apple in the longer term.
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    10-03-16 12:51 PM
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    I updated the first post to account for launch of Dtek60 and also the statement that it is the last Blackberry phone made and distributed by blackberry.
    10-26-16 03:20 AM
  7. Uzi's Avatar
    I updated the first post to account for launch of Dtek60 and also the statement that it is the last Blackberry phone made and distributed by blackberry.
    Possible Keyboard device will be make by license? Will it available globally?
    10-26-16 03:22 AM
  8. cgk's Avatar
    Possible Keyboard device will be make by license? Will it available globally?
    I can add something in - let me dig up some quotes.
    10-26-16 03:24 AM
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