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    I am in the process of de-commissioning one of two Exchange 2003 servers in our clients environment. The issue is the BES is installed on this server and it still looks at the local copy of Exchange - not the one on the other server.

    The environment consists of two exchange 2003 servers. DBMail has BES installed on it while Mailsvr2 has all of the mailboxes.

    I have moved all of the mailboxes from DBMail to Mailsvr2. I have followed the steps in this URL to verify the MAPI data followed the BES Administrator profile\mailbox when it was moved over to Mailsvr2: KB03296

    I have verified all permissions are correct following KB02276.

    I turn off services for Exchange on DBMail and this turns off specific services for BES. When I start Blackberry Dispatcher (on DBMail) it turns on the local copy (DBMail) of the Information Store due to dependencies.

    While having exchange turned off on DBMail, clients were able to send\receive e-mail via Outlook and OWA since the working copy is on Mailsvr2. The only thing that did not work was mail to their phones.

    Please let me know what I have missed. I need to get movement on this to be able to remove exchange from DBMail.
    09-23-11 01:57 PM