1. omerw's Avatar
    I'm trying to set up BESX on my server but first needed a few things cleared.

    Will the services work if i install both the exchange server and BESX on the same machine.

    Will i need to upgrade my monthly internet plan on the device to BES instead of BIS (which is about $10/device/month)

    After installation, how can i check if the BESX and Exchange software have been linked.

    Thank you,

    08-06-10 06:57 AM
  2. TMFoughty's Avatar
    I am currently running BESX on my Exchange Server.
    I am with Verizon Wireless and I did have to update my data plan.
    08-06-10 08:19 AM
  3. omerw's Avatar
    thanks for ur reply @TMFoughty.
    I take it to mean that your are running both the BESX and the Exchange Server on one machine.
    I have installed both on my machine and the exchange seems to be working fine, but i cannot figure out how i go about adding BESX accounts for BB users.
    do i have to add them separately in BESX or will it automatically sync my accounts from the Exchange Server?
    If i need to add account on BESx, how do i go about doing that.
    08-07-10 12:43 AM