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    I just saw a CBC News story on TV about how BlackBerry is eager to cooperate with any government investigations and has provided user date including BBM logs and even message content. According to the CBC this isn't only limited to Canadian requests with a warrant but also international requests.

    I couldn't be more disappointed. Clearly BlackBerry has a backdoor built into the OS that it's willing to use. It frankly seems like all the talk of security and privacy is just hype.

    While I'm somewhat in favor of a tech company helping in an terrorism investigation I don't think that they should have a built in back door that can be exploited. Although iOS doesn't have the same security minded reputation that BlackBerry does, I totally like that Apple doesn't build a back door into their OS and that they can't break their own encryption.

    After that story I'm ever more encouraged to drop BlackBerry. I was thinking of Android, but maybe Apple is worth considering.

    Here's the web version from the CBC website:
    BlackBerry hands over user data to help police 'kick ***,' insider says - Technology & Science - CBC News
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    06-10-16 12:16 AM
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    06-10-16 12:27 AM

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