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    Blackberry doesn't boot up
    Well guys last night before I went to sleep my blackberry 9700, running on 6x.534, was working fine. When I woke up I found that my blackberry was at the start up screen with with the blackberry logo and the loading bar. The loading bar was completed but the phone would not proceed to turn on. I pulled the battery to no avail. Same thing happened. It would boot up, show the logo and the loading bar. Load all the way to completion then just stay like that. When I boot the phone without the sim card it gets passed that to a page with all my apps. At the top of the page it writes "blackberry platform".
    If i hold down the blackberry button an option comes up to switch between Messages, Phone and Java Console. Messages doesn't work. Java console brings me back to the blackberry platform page while the Phone option brings me to the phone.
    Finally When i click on any of the application on the Java console a pop-up says error starting etc etc.
    I didn't know whether I should wipe the device using bbsak or follow the nuking instruction on the site because my problem doesn't fit the bill of being nuked.

    Your help will be appreciated guys thanks
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    05-20-11 10:39 PM
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    sketchy. try backing up your device, then performing a clean reload of the device software using loader.exe
    05-20-11 10:47 PM
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    sounds like wiping the device and reinstalling the OS is your best bet...

    05-22-11 03:53 PM
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    I had this last week
    Crackberry did a video on how to resolve this issue by restoring the OS

    Note: all data will be wiped but if you backed up you can just restore your data.
    05-22-11 06:02 PM
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    hi how can i fix a bb boot
    09-29-13 10:01 AM
  6. Lyudmila2222's Avatar
    hello need some help pliz
    09-29-13 10:03 AM