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    The Blackberry Distinction-blackberry-torch-review-261.jpg
    Hi Everyone.

    I was introduced to Blackberry in 2009, then bought my 1st Curve 8320. It got stolen. I then bought a Curve 8520, no more ball, the pad was awesome. Understanding that the 3G network would have been rolled out (here in Barbados), I sold it and bought a Curve 3G (9300). Sold it after a few months and bought a Bold 9900. I loved and still love this phone. I got a clearer understanding and would go as far as saying that if you are not using a Bold, you're not using a Blackberry (I know many will differ for different reasons).

    The Blackberry name began to take a thrashing, and I started to wonder what would RIM bring that I can get next. There was talk of BBX (now known as Blackberry 10), but nothing had come to fruition and although the software was on the PlayBook, it still wasn't ready for Prime Time, based on where the market was and was going.

    Months before I saw the SGS2 and thought it was cool, and started looking at it again, but I never wanted to leave Blackberry. So I was a bit stuck. The came Blackberry World 2012. I happened to be on vacation so I was able to catch up on the conference via webcast. See the excitement in the posts from Crackberry and in the forums. I felt great knowing that Blackberry wouldn't die and there was something awesome coming. Looking at the local Barbadian market, I realized that if the devices were released at the end of the year, I wouldn't find a buyer willing to buy my 9900 at a reasonable price because of all the bad press, so I made a decision to sell it while the name still has some worth here. I then bought an SGS2. Which I used from June until Friday January 25th. Sold it. I am back using a Blackberry, a Torch 9800 to be exact.

    The distinction, the difference for me between Blackberry and all the other brands, was met with immediate effect after setting up email, contacts in BBM, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and a few other social apps.

    Damnit I missed a unified inbox. Forget about the moving from one app to another, I hit my messages app and I'm good to go. Not my fav keyboard, but I have been clicking the brains out of this slider.

    Yes many apps aren't there. Games and other stuff, but for the sheer pleasure of communication, I still stand firm, no one has done it better.

    The current portfolio may not be the fastest, with the best displays, or have more apps than the moon, but when it comes to emails, social media and unifying them, there should be a Blackberry logo next to that in the encyclopedia.

    That's it. Z10 I await your presence in my right hand in a few weeks.
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    01-27-13 12:32 PM
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    Windows Phone and BB both excel in "bringing everything together."

    I find the disjoined "hunt, search and tap" app model of iOS (and Google clone of iOS, Android) to be quite annoying.

    The other thing is that the "app model" is a low-value model. GO grab a friend with an iPhone or Android, and have him thumb through and explain all the apps on his device. Then ask him which ones he is actually still using -- I guarantee it will be fewer than 10% of them.
    01-27-13 03:41 PM
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    i believe its the only company that makes hardware and OS, and only makes mobile phones (well and the playbook). Very concentrated efforts.
    01-27-13 03:56 PM
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    In my opinion, BlackBerry 6/7 and their associated devices would be superior to even today's iOS and Android (haven't seen Windows Phone) if it had better Web capability, particularly Flash, and more flexibility in customizing the home screen and app switcher and folders that I keep apps in. There are other things, but most of those can be had by buying apps.

    But then again, I'm not some frat boy that thinks poking at a slab of glass that won't fit in his pocket like a monkey trying to get a peanut constitutes technological sophistication.
    01-27-13 07:43 PM

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