1. digicloud's Avatar
    10:00AM as mall opens...no people yet!
    Blackberry Display - Siam Center - Bangkok, Thailand - May 23, 2013-20130523_095822.jpg
    Blackberry Display - Siam Center - Bangkok, Thailand - May 23, 2013-20130523_095901.jpg
    Blackberry Display - Siam Center - Bangkok, Thailand - May 23, 2013-20130523_100029.jpg
    Blackberry Display - Siam Center - Bangkok, Thailand - May 23, 2013-20130523_100116.jpg
    Blackberry Display - Siam Center - Bangkok, Thailand - May 23, 2013-20130523_095943.jpg
    06-03-13 02:28 PM
  2. ddlax22's Avatar
    Awesome! Great display and advertising! Have fun!!

    Posted via CB10
    06-03-13 03:01 PM
  3. Chicago777Guy's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    06-03-13 03:13 PM
  4. mbpstar's Avatar
    Do you know if this store would exchange my q10 as it has a defective front facing camera? I am visiting from the US.

    Posted via CB10
    06-07-13 02:22 PM
  5. DSL9700's Avatar
    nice i was quite sad to see the blackberry store in Siam Paragon turned into a samsung outlet. this is better place much more traffic walking by.
    06-07-13 07:15 PM
  6. KRED32's Avatar
    Do you know if the Z30 is available yet in Bangkok?
    12-03-13 02:16 AM
  7. room2046's Avatar
    Just hope the civil protests down close down BKK again like they did in 2011

    Posted via Q10
    12-03-13 03:27 AM
  8. vicks80's Avatar
    Im looking for Z30 in BKK too. So far cant find anything yet

    Posted via CB10
    12-03-13 04:00 AM
  9. leslie_chow's Avatar
    The shop was gone. Not in Siam ctr, paragon or even central world. Just came back from bkk end of Nov, 2013

    Posted via CB10
    12-03-13 04:24 AM
  10. rjpawlak's Avatar
    There was one in central world earlier in the year. The reps spoke perfect English there, yet didn't have the Q10 at the time (what I was looking for). Overall though, it doesn't seem like BlackBerry has a big presence in BKK.


    Posted via CB10
    12-03-13 05:56 AM
  11. R Field's Avatar
    Looks like a nice setup they've got going there.

    CB10 - Z10(Z30 inbound) - - C0006E212
    12-03-13 07:49 AM
  12. nhanken's Avatar
    Who's the sexy lady in black

    Posted via CB10
    12-03-13 07:50 AM
  13. sgxbb's Avatar
    looking to upgrade to z30 from z10 in bangkok...

    any idea where's a good fair deal with warranty? any help appreciated
    02-06-14 04:50 AM

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