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    We have the need to have a few users, whom have very limited use of their hands, to listen to and respond to emails, text and BBMs. There are some apps that do part but are not 100% hands free. For example, drivesafe.ly will read your emails, but you can't reply, it will allow you to reply to a text only via bluetooth but no support for BBM. Vlingo does most, but you have to physically hold down a convenience key to dictate so if I'm holding down a button, I'm obviously not driving or have use of my hands, so why not just type.

    I'm looking for something that will have voice activated commands for email, text and BBM (BBM is extremely important) over a bluetooth device.

    In 2011, there still is no such thing?
    01-04-11 03:10 PM
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    Google voice to text softaware. Several others listed. Happy hunting.

    Voice to Text Applications Powered by Intelligent Voice Recognition | Vlingo

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    01-04-11 04:21 PM