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    Happy New Year!

    The buzz around BB10 is everywhere. I have been wondering what will be left to unveil since (to me) RIM has showed plenty. But I am realizing more and more that many people still don't know what BB10 is and what it means to the market going forward. Tech pundits and other folk with their head stuck in the sand, diss and chastise BB10 for their favorite platform. But that is tech guys and a handful of enthusiast who go looking. Majority of the general public have no idea what RIM is cooking for Jan 30th.

    On the basic level, Blackberry is just as good if not better than most other devices:
    Calls (Great)
    Email (Great) (Other than the truncated due to size)
    Messaging (BBM - Nuff said)

    At the very basic, Blackberry is on par with all the contenders. The water gets mucky when we get to browsing (OS7 was okay), Apps and device power and functions under. When compared with the "smoothness" of iOS and "openess" of Android along with app support, many left for the "variety" and having the talked about devices.

    I love the 9900, that device was sleek and did all I wanted, but when you see friends doing things, then folk feel left out and leave for "greener pastures".

    Enter Blackberry 10 OS. A new OS along with new hardware that is relevant in the market. I have seen comments about the specs are last year and other rubbish talk but as Thor as said, they aren't in the power game. So why are folk surprised? I am contented with what I have seen so far, and knowing that we haven't seen it all as yet.

    The reasons many people left Blackberry in my view is gone. RIM won't get to its former glory this year, expectations of this is insane. But in the fight for 3rd place, which RIM already sits in, Blackberry 10 and it's new tricks will make a big enough splash.

    It's gonna be a long month. Darn!!!

    Best wishes in 2013 to all.
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    01-01-13 10:10 PM

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