04-18-14 06:48 AM
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  1. Cozz4ever's Avatar
    Do you eat them McIntosh apples?

    I am myself a Windows user but wondered this morning if there are (actually I'm sure there are) staunch BB users who are also staunch Mac users? And I don't want/need a OS comparison thread for desktops and laptops. I know Macs are solid machines.

    I'm just curious how a Blackberry hardcore user "reconciles" with his Mac
    (especially given the ready arsenal of arguments most of us Blackberry hardcore users carry against Apple...)
    I run everything Apple except for phones. Die hard Blackberry when it comes down to that. There's really no such thing as solid machines. I've had several issues with my MackBookPro since I bought it. Refusing to fully charge and keyboard lights randomly shutting off. New updates seemed to have fixed that though.

    I just bought a Windows Surface manufactures refurb for $170. Thing was brand new even with the box and all. It's kinda odd and it takes some getting used to. But I'm starting to enjoy it more and more. Funny, but I could swear the browser on my Z30 with VZW data is faster and smoother than the Surface browser with high speed WiFi internet.
    04-18-14 06:43 AM
  2. RubberChicken76's Avatar
    I hear this often and really don't understand it.
    Me either. It was my work phone for 18 months and I never really had too many issues with it in terms of how it interacted with work except for the fact that I hated the keyboard and autocorrect on it. The problems for me were more hardware related in that the battery wasn't great and couldn't be swapped out. Needed that for travel.

    I've been a hardcore Mac user since the second iMac. Haven't been impressed with recent OS X updates though ... lots of performance issues for me and migration problems as well as inter-operability problems.
    04-18-14 06:48 AM
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