08-05-16 10:48 AM
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  1. skstrials's Avatar
    Removable battery phones can be kept the longest because the battery is the one part of the phone that goes wrong first.

    In that case, I have kept both my Z10 and the Q10 the longest, close to three years. They are both in use by me and my girlfriend.

    I do have my Z30, but the battery does not last as long; and I have not got around to fixing it.

    This is the biggest reason I will only buy phones with easily removable batteries.

    Posted via CB10
    08-04-16 09:20 PM
  2. idssteve's Avatar
    My well aged father and my youngest daughter both still hold Bolds! Both non-touch 9650s on OS5!! They both still keep an iPhone of some flavor handy but, like me on my 9930, virtually all calls, texts and emails happen on their Bolds.

    Dad's fingers are too shaky for non-frustrating touch interaction. He says "touch interface is incompatible with real life." Lol. I concur, btw.

    Daughter called & asked for my "old non-touch BlackBerry" just after birth of our latest granddaughter. She claims that "touch interface is incompatible with nursing an active infant."... I'll have to take her word for that. Lol.

    Afaik, those two 9650s are 6+ year old devices. BUT they're still "held on to" precisely because they're sized & configured to be comfortably used while "held on to" in a human hand! A novel concept, these days.
    08-05-16 10:48 AM
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