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    I have a Blackberry 8130. I primarily use Macs so I've installed Pocket Mac on both my Desktop Mac and my PowerBook. It work as well as most seem to say, that is, not very well.
    For times when I need to, have to(; I also have a laptop Vaio with XP. To see what Blackberry Desktop has to offer and what additional features it may offer, I want to install it on the Vaio. My concern is if I connect/sync with my Pearl with my Vaio, will it "set it up" to only do so from the PC and from that point on be unrecognized by my Macs with Pocket Mac?
    I guess the question is:
    Can I use a PC and a Mac to sync to my Pearl without issues? What can I do on PC Desktop that I can't do on Pocket Mac?
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    02-20-08 09:22 AM
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    CarArt.... you can use both. Syncing will not be an issue. I use Mac at home (also have a desk top pc) and a PC at work.
    You will need a PC to update your OS as PocketMac can not. I have used PocketMac to load apps and themes. I see you have a 8130. You can not use Mass media mode if you are using OS X10.5. It causes the 8130 to go into a constant reboot circle. The only way I can load music, ring tone, movies, pictures, with my Mac is using a media card reader.
    Have a look over in the Mac Forum below. Lots of good info there.
    02-21-08 02:26 PM
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    I'm a proud new MacBook Pro owner , switching over from Windows. I still use Windows at work and my BB Curve sync's fine with both systems.
    02-21-08 02:53 PM
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    Thanks to you both. I ventured forth and did try both systems and it went pretty well. Pocket Mac is not very stable and the PC stopped about 3/4 of the way thru the install saying something like "no disk in drive" when of course the install disk was there(but it's a PC so it seems perhaps using both systems will have an advantage. The PC install did seem to do ok installing the Desktop Manager.
    I just got my 8gbSDHC(amazzzing in size) and put several hundred songs on my BB 8130 by dragging them from iTunes into the Music Folder. It did seem if I tried to drag too many at once, or, at other times for no reason at all, the transfer did not take place. Sometimes even subtracting from the total in the Music Folder?? Other times, I dragged 30-50 at a time with not problem and they copied quite fast. After the BB loaded them, the ones I tried played fine. Very cool.
    02-21-08 05:45 PM