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    I tried to install the Desk Top Manager to my computer and it went somewhere other than where it was suppose to go. It didn't install ! I was going to transfer it to my BB 8310 afterwards. NOW when I turn the computer on I get an error message saying DeskTop Manager not found.... please insert the disc to enable running Desktop Manager ! AUGHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!! I deleted the icon from my screen and tried to remove it from my add and delte programs menu and the ^^*&%*&$ thing won't delete. I then tried to reuntall it using the disc I got with my BB and I get an error message saying unable to install ! I was going to use a link on this forum to install it again but I'm not sure which one I need and which one will work with my BB ! Any ideas on how to delete the program although it says it isn't installed ? I see it in my program file but can't get it off my PC. Also which version should I link to use with my BB Curve 8310 ?
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    08-07-08 06:41 AM
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    The new version should install over the old version, but it's always better to uninstall the old one. It's wierd that it won't uninstall!? Anyway, my usual advice is to save the downloaded copy of DM to your desktop or somewhere you can find it and install from there. This way you'll have a copy in case you need to reinstall for whatever reason.

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    In my 15 years experience with pc troubleshooting I have never heard of a program refusing to uninstall. Did you try uninstalling it using the exe in the folder desktop manager was installed to? Typically there is an exe that can be used to uninstall in the event the add/remove programs list gets borked. Try installing the downloaded copy of DM. If you still get errors write down exactly what the dialog box(es) say(s) and relay the info here. It will help me (us) better assess what is happening.

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    08-07-08 10:11 AM
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    Stoner's right about windows not being able to delete. There's something wrong there. Are you using Vista? When you go to control panel try clicking classic view, the DM group should be there in the Programs and Features for you to highlight and delete. One thing you could try, and it might be overkill, but install the 4.5 version. If it acts up uninstall it, which should take all the DM files with it, and reinstall and see if it works then.
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