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    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to share this short essay regarding my realization of data plan costs in our country (the Philippines). This also points out why the Blackberry is arguably the most cost-effective platform in terms of data.

    In our country, a certain Telco has data plans for unlimited internet. In curiosity and wanting to apply one (I'm moving from Prepaid to Postpaid), I did some research. To my amazement, I'm very surprised that a carrier is potentially well aware how other devices are high in consuming data by looking at the offerings!.

    There are two data plans here that are for unlimited data usage: one is for Blackberry and the other is for non-Blackberry devices. I'll start with the non-Blackberry devices Please note that there is no data cap for each offerings.

    The standard plan costs around PhP 999 / mo or US$ 23~. If you own an Android or an iPhone, you pay THIS much only for data alone. You can also enroll if you use a Blackberry, but it is rather disappointing as this does not activate BIS ;-). You get no "consumable" for Call and SMS.

    In Blackberry-exclusive, although you still pay PhP 999, the actual cost for the data service is only P599 / mo or US$ 14. the remaining US$ 9 becomes a "consumable" for Call and SMS, the previous plan does not give you that. This also activates BIS btw

    Here's also the funny thing : iPhone 4S costs around US$ 800 (unlocked); the Blackberry Bold 9900 costs around US$ 600. You buy an expensive phone, you apply for an expensive offering (you need to apply higher than 999 to get "consumable" credits; the next is P1799 or US$ 42 / mo ). Buy a Blackberry, you apply the same plan but get MORE. And since ALL OS 7.1 devices have Hotspot, I could just buy a Curve 9360 (I am using it now ) and if I want to enjoy apps, I could just buy an iPad or an iPod Touch.
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    04-15-12 11:08 AM