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    I have a blackberry curve,and in the past week or so, I have been getting calls from people saying that my phone has been calling them.
    At first it was from somebody I have never called from my phone before, and they said that i called them three times. I assumes it was a pocket dial,but when i looked at my call logs, there was no history of me ever calling them.
    The same thing happened last night when i was down in my living room and my phone was upstairs, my mom called the house because she thought something was wrong because i kept calling, but there was nobody there, and again, there was no log of my phone ever calling her.

    My phone is ALWAYS locked (because used to have a touch screen), battery pull doesnt work, and neither does and Os change/update. My sister also has a blackberry and said that hers had called emergency services before. This is getting crazy, any way to stop it? other than getting a new phone?
    06-17-11 07:08 AM