1. Darvin Palado's Avatar
    Hello anyone. Please help me. Im 16 years old from philippines. Im not familiar with those softwares in blackberry. I got problem. They say my blackberry curve 9360 is nuked.
    The last thing I remember I did is I installed a theme using Blackberry theme Studio 7.1 and then Downloaded the blackberry appworld then it says that I should reboot my bb. I clicked Restart now. Then When it restarted. Red light first then Blackberry loading. After loading, black screen and it goes red light again and repeat the cycle. Please help asap
    06-29-13 08:49 AM
  2. Darvin Palado's Avatar
    Please help. Up^
    06-29-13 09:01 AM
  3. sjwpenney's Avatar
    Try pulling the battery. Let it rest for 30 seconds or so and then re-install the battery and try rebooting.

    Beyond that also try backing up the phone with the desktop software and take it to your bb dealer to see about repair or warranty.
    06-29-13 09:05 AM
  4. Darvin Palado's Avatar
    Did remove the battery for almost 4 hours. Then when I inster the battery. Blackberryloading and then goes redlight again and blackberry loading again and then repeat.

    My BB is bought by my father in Dubai and Im currently in the philippines right now
    06-29-13 09:10 AM
  5. sjwpenney's Avatar
    Also, make sure the battery is charged as well.
    06-29-13 09:10 AM
  6. Darvin Palado's Avatar
    How? When I plug the charger to my phone and insert the battery, the phone goes redlight and blackberry loading then redlight and then blackberry loading and then repeat again and again
    06-29-13 09:14 AM
  7. Darvin Palado's Avatar
    Help please. up
    06-29-13 09:36 AM
  8. mithrazor's Avatar
    06-29-13 03:27 PM
  9. Darvin Palado's Avatar

    Downloaded os 7.0 and 7.1
    Where to locate that .axl file
    06-29-13 10:25 PM
  10. mithrazor's Avatar
    Try wiping your device first (warning: you will lose everything) with BBSAK or BB Boss or BBHTool
    06-30-13 01:20 PM
  11. oldron's Avatar
    I finally got the apploader to open but it the selections for "Connection" were blank and wouldn't let me choose anything. I have been jumping thru hoops for days with this. It started by incoming calls being disconnected after I had VM removed by Bell. Out bound worked fine. The Bell suggested I update my OS. There was one available so I started it. The next thing I know, the red light was on, on the phone and the install had crashed. Now it keeps rebooting and won't be recognised when I plug it in. The battery has always been fine. I have no idea what to do next.
    03-23-14 08:39 PM

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