02-18-13 11:40 AM
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  1. Jerky223's Avatar
    Apple paid the lawyer and family off as planned and destroyed the "evidence." Just a rumor, of course...

    Ok, not really. But I was wondering the same thing. Lots of coverage with parrots repeating the same story, then not a peep. Thanks for pulling up this thread.
    I kept seeing Kevin post the redesign that is coming and this story was in the top left corner of the images. Then it started nagging me that I didn't see an outcome yet.

    Blackberry curve 9320 explodes, injures boy-new-crackberry.jpg
    02-18-13 08:40 AM
  2. grahamf's Avatar
    I'm guessing they discovered the kid was lying or some other uninteresting resolution.
    02-18-13 11:40 AM
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