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    So I've had my blackberry for nearly a year now, and my Track Pad is absolutely broke! It started playing up a few months ago, like it don't scroll but does click, and sometimes both ways don't work [Don't scroll/click] and it sometimes comes back to work for a short amount of time.

    Now the Track Pad is fully broken and will do nothing, I have tried almost EVERYTHING! Like rubbing paper on it, leaving battery out for a long time, but none of the things i do seem to work. I can use my phone using the keys, like to text and use SOME of my apps and only a bit of the app [like Bbm, I can only chat to people, can't BC or change my PM or my Status. But I have just updated my apps, and now i have to accept this thing whenever i click on BBM, though i can not click 'I accept' as it won't let me in anyway!

    I've had enough of the phone and wondering if there is ANY way of fixing the Track Pad without getting it repaired [By the way I haven't got guarantee, mum didn't think of getting it]

    07-12-12 02:19 PM
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    Just answered this question in the 9300 forum, but just the same, the 9300 trackpad can be replaced if you carefully study the video below, remember it is not as easy as it looks in some areas of the video, but if you take your time it can be done.

    You will need tools, they are cheep.

    TOOLS KITS SCREWDRIVER T5 T6 FOR BLACKBERRY 9000 9300 9500 9520 9530 9550 9700 | eBay

    And the part itself is as cheep as can be>

    BlackBerry 9800 9300 Trackpad Trackball Touch Pad flex USA seller fast shipping | eBay

    I've done this, just take your time and work slowly, especially when it comes to prying off plastic screen covers, and separating the plastic phone cover. Remember to remove static electricity from your body by grabbing something metal and grounded (a sink faucet) prior to handling the phone mother board and parts. GOOD LUCK
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    07-12-12 09:07 PM
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    Mine isn't working either... I've tried rubbing it with a cloth, removing the battery just like you.. When I took it to the Telus store it would take 2-3 weeks to repair and if you wanted a replacement phone it's $150 deposit... I can think of alot of other things I could do with the $$ lol.. I'm not comfortable taking my phone apart like previously mentioned... Does anyone have any other options.???
    Alos, when I did take the battery out it did work again for a short while, if it keeps up I think I will just have to give up the $150 and have it sent away...
    it's a lemon!!
    07-22-12 08:47 AM