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    I'm a very frustrated guy who just wants his BBM!
    I bought a blackberry curve 8530, purple, locked to Virgin, off of a couple on kijiji yesterday, and right away I rushed to the mall to set it up! The guy said that he set it up all great and everything was working O.K - so I thought.

    My sister has a blackberry, so when I got in the car to go home from the Virgin Mobile Kiosk that I got the blackberry set up at, I asked her what her pin was to add it. BBM was already installed on the phone itself, so I went to BBM, put in her pin, and sent the request. It went to pending, and nothing happened. I waited 10 minutes, and my sister saw nothing on her end, and it stayed in pending for forever. I asked my other pins of my friends and they all stayed in pending. I deleted the requests and resent and nothing happened. When I got home, I called Virgin Mobile Customer Support for about an hour. They really didn't speak english - of course - so after I was finished with them I tried again and still they didn't know what was wrong with it. At the top of the screen on my blackberry beside the signal bars where all of my friends have 3G on their blackberries, I have "1xev". All lowercase. I read up on it and it means that I only have cellular network and no data. So I updated to the most recent software of blackberry from the blackberry site last night, and nothing happened. I called virgin again, and they said that I had to go to options, advanced options and then host routing table. I was supposed to send a "Register Now", which i did, to the Blackberry server to register my device to get data. I'v done that I don't know how many times over now and nothing works. They looked at the message, that send the the BB server and it shows it has sent, but nothing has returned to my phone with a "Thank you your data is now activated". I also heard something about "provisioning" but I really don't know what that is. I took it again today to the guy that I dealt with yesterday at the kiosk and reprogrammed my phone, wiped the entire phone, and did everything that he could. He said everything online where it says with my account looks A ok and nothings wrong, and it says it's active. B-S i have no data. I'v run out of options of what to do. I tried to call the Blackberry customer service but apparently I have to pay for it. Good lord. Please someone help me. I know this is a long post, but I hope someone could take the time to read this and help me with my never-ending problem with what it seems to be no solutions. Thanks so much, Ryan.
    P.s, I am able to make calls and text fine, and BBM, Windows Live Messenger, Browser all say that Data is not enabled on my blackberry. Oh, and I live in ON Canada, if that makes any difference.

    and my plan is a 40$ 150 minutes, unlim calling after 7 and on weekends, unlim text and pic message and social data, (free facebook, bbm, myspace, twitter, tumblr, ect)
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    i had a similair problem when i first bought my 9780 off of kijiji.
    i had to call telus (my company) and change my plan from iphone 50 to blackberry 50.
    I waited an hour or so after and i still didnt have BBM or Data, so i called again and they set it up for me remotely, it took about 20 minutes of trial and error but eventually they did something that worked.
    Try a hard reset ( pull out your battery for about 30 - 60 seconds then but the battery back in)
    If that doesnt work call virgin again and go through them step by step.
    Good luck
    05-02-11 06:08 PM
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    I'v tried everything double. I will call again and ask them to restart my plan and remotely set it up as you said. Thanks for the suggestion, hope it works.
    05-02-11 06:16 PM
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    log into your blackberry internet service (BIS) account from your PC, and resend your service books. if you do not have a BIS account, that is probablly your issue. in that case you need your carrier to set you up a BIS account, and link your device's pin to the BIS account.. Also, if the previous owners did not de-register the device from their account, and now have no service on it, that could be causing issues...

    best bet is to completely wipe your device (options, security, security wipe), then call your carrier, get BIS set up, and ensure you have a 'blackberry specific' data plan on your account.

    once that is all done, re-send the service books, and then pull the battery out of the device for 30 seconds...

    let us know how it goes...
    05-02-11 08:09 PM
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    Hey, i called my service provider and said exactly what you typed me to do twice to them. They don't even know what a BIS is... they tried something that your post gave them an idea, but they have not a clue. thanks for trying to help me though. I am currently on the phone waiting for tech support to help me for the 40th time this week. God help me I just want to use BBM!
    05-03-11 03:02 PM
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    Tell them you want a blackberry specific data plan, and need a blackberry internet service account. You would also like your log-in information for the blackberry internet service account...

    Once you get that, we can help you from here

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    05-03-11 03:05 PM