1. Azapro2's Avatar
    Ok,so i have a T-mobile Blackberry curve that says Initialization failed/SOS and i don't know what to do.Prior to this it use to SOS in public places in so i got a new Sim card.so about a month ago it said SOS,i pulled the battery and it was all good BUT now it started by saying SOS to Initialization failed at the same time,so i pulled the battery out and it worked.NOW AGAIN it says Initialization failed and SOS this time nothing working and its been about a week.
    So i did everything from trying to do battery pulls,i've left my battery out,i've also taken both the Sim and the battery out for various amounts of time.I've downgraded my os(didn't work) then i upgraded it back.Im in financial position were i cant buy a new phone right now so can someone please help me i beg u !!!
    03-03-10 08:47 PM
  2. VatSupreme's Avatar
    My problem is almost similar to yours. I've unlocked my 8530 curve and above the screen reads: "Initialization failed" "sos". I had similar problem with the storm sometimes back and I had it working but for now I don't remember what I actually did. Can you please help!!!!!!!!!!!
    07-23-10 06:53 AM