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    so i recently purchased my blackberry a couple days ago from ebay. whenever i try to make a call or recieve a call on my phone, it lets me talk on the phone for about 10 seconds then the whole screen turns black, and it restarts and has the hourglass symbol. The phone lets me texts and everything else but not call. i was wondering what i could do about it? restart the software? how?
    09-10-09 11:23 PM
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    09-10-09 11:49 PM
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    heres the latest OS for your 8310

    all the info you need is in the section for the 83xx series of BB's
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    09-10-09 11:51 PM
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    Check out the battery before reloading/upgrading your OS.

    See how to do that on your other post.

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    09-11-09 12:04 AM
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    yea try holding the phone while not on a phone call, as if you were on one. see if it still reboots. could be a bad wire or battery contact somewhere. if all else fails, nothing wrong with an OS upgrade.
    09-11-09 01:08 AM
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    thanks for all the help guys! ill tell you how it goes. but do you guys have any link to the latest os for mac?
    09-11-09 01:14 AM
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    im not sure how the OS loading and Desktop Manager works for a mac, you may have to search or poke around.

    OS is the latest one for the 8310

    below are links to the OS's and proper upgrading procedure.

    09-11-09 01:42 AM