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    I have a rather techincal question for the community.

    I run a repair store and have fixed well over 200 Blackberry's at this point.

    About 1 month ago I started having problems with the Blackberry Curve 3G and 8520/30 007 LCD's.

    Whenever they boot up the screen is too bright, over saturated is the best way to describe it.

    This is not a LCD serial number issue and I have tried every other number of curve LCD in existance! No Luck!

    I now have 5 Curve's 9300 and 8520/30 with this issue. I have tried 7 diffrent 007 LCD's and get the same thing evertime.

    I attached a pic for everyone to see however I don't think it's going to translate well through my camera.

    I spoke to my supplier and he has no idea why this happenes, is it possible all the 007's are defective, maybe, but not very likely.

    I leave this to the community to try and figure out, because I am all out of ideas.
    11-06-11 02:26 PM