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    Being surprised at how many people are saying the 4" screen is big enough to browse the web on an N810, I'm really thinking I'm getting one.

    Two things holding me back. The GPS hardware on the n810 is supposed to be really crummy - taking several minutes to locate onto satellites, and I'm really wanting a bigger screen. If the next version of this device has a 6" screen and solid GPS hardware, I'm getting one. I'm hoping one is released in the next six months.

    But, I've used Nokia devices in the past. And, some of the comments lingering here and there about the n810 resemble why I ended up not liking Nokia devices in the past. Software that's a little too bloated for the hardware and poor battery time being why I didn't like Nokia products in the past.

    So, me getting entirely too anxious about getting one of these web tablet devices. What are the chances Blackberry could come out with an n810 competitor?

    Seems like Blackberry's already got all the software in place. And, RIM would be coming from a smaller device, going up to a bigger one. So, I wouldn't think they'd have the same bloat problems Nokia has.

    Nokia took a desktop environment, Linux and GNOME, and tried to bring it down to the size needed to run on a small tablet. Whereas, RIM would be going from a much smaller device, a phone, up to a tablet...

    Anyway, I guess I'm fishing for rumors I know I'm not going to find. They'd already be on the web if they were out there.
    11-09-08 06:56 PM