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    I'm not sure if anyone had started a thread on this, but amongst all the negative news and also recently seeing some potential models being leaked out creates some kind of a conflict against what was announced that BlackBerry 10 portfolio will consist of 4 devices.

    Remember prior to the launch on 30th January when we were seeing all kinds of leaks of images of devices. It just hit me yesterday that the codes are all true to its model name. (if you knew this already good for you).

    L-Series -> Z10 (STL) -> T (touch) / L (series)
    A-Series -> Z30 (STA) -> T (touch) / A (series)
    N-Series -> Q10 (SQN) -> Q (qwerty) / N (series)
    R-Series -> Q5 (SQR) -> Q (qwerty) / R (series)

    Now I also know there names like London, Milan, Nevada, Aristo. Can't recall if there was one for R. I think Rainier. If my memory doesn't fail me.

    But 3/4 I mentioned are coincidentally correct Milan was the rumored slider which we now know never came.

    Just food for thought or berry.

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    09-25-13 11:49 AM
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    Very interesting

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    09-25-13 10:03 PM

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