1. Kashan Osama's Avatar
    I am an iOS user,greatly obsessed with BB but I always try not to be biased with either OS (be it WP,iOS,BB or Android)...

    I was just reading the feature on mobile nations about cloud storage services and guess what no "Good,trustable,and well known" Cross-platform service offers Security and privacy,I know this has been discussed before many a times (I just couldn't hold myself typing all that,moreover couldn't find anything like it on front pages of forums) Why doesn't BB think about that??? they are well known for their encryption and all that security stuff SO why didn't they think about that? any specific reasons? I don't think it is THAT hard to start a cloud service,I mean in a sense that BB and security/privacy is synonymous so they Must have ideas regarding that,but why didn't they executed it? Look at Apple they are doing wonders with their awesome built-in cloud support...BB could do that,and maybe If the company really can't manage their devices division,they can go cross-platform with the service,2gb free for a year with native BB security with a premium for features and enhanced space and security maybe..Now every enterprise market would love to pay everything for a top notch cloud...

    As I mocked some fanboys always bragging about security and privacy in few other threads,the point was Me,and my 95% digital information is not that important,and I know this is not the case with everyone,but many people would be like me and many would not be like me,but this i know for sure is the remaining 5% of confidential is of no use to NSA or the agencies,I would like to quote a dialogue from a movie that said "When you go outside,you assume there won't be any tigers looking for you,or you won't instantly die"...but Do you really know that you won't?? you don't...and you don't know whether you will die or not...So we can't be sure for these things IMHO,what I think if goverment or any agency really would want to get info from us,they would get it at any cost...on the other hand it is completely lame to always ride on that security argument,even For example If I am a gay (For example) and I live in Saudia,The agencies knowing all that wouldn't care about me...so there are many examples in this regard...

    Back to the topic...IMHO BB cloud really would have a solid chance to succeed...

    P.S: please don't bash me or my stupid,and sometimes irrational arguments,and my English aswell,I was just pouring my heart out....I can be everybit wrong in my opinion maybe,It is just when one believes in his opinion,he impresses it strongly over others (Without any rudeness or disrespect :P )
    03-15-14 02:55 PM
  2. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    I can think of a couple of reasons.

    1. BB is broke at the moment. Yes, they have enough money to continue operations, having borrowed $1.25B, but they don't have money for projects outside of their areas of focus.

    2. Most cloud file services have ways of making money from you, beyond just charging you $X for additional space. This allows them to give you basic service for free. BB's "security-first" model prevents them from using those revenue sources, so not only would BB have to charge more money, they'd effectively have to charge everyone something, or limit usage to a limited-time trial. They don't have other sources of income to subsidize a free file service, so users would have to pay for it directly. Realistically, with all of the competition that exists, it's unlikely that there would be enough people willing to pay for a restrictive service (security necessitates restrictions) to make such a service break even, much less be profitable. Such a product couldn't be competitive without millions of users, and doubt you'd be able to get more than a few tens of thousands to pay for it.
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    03-15-14 04:49 PM

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