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    BlackBerry CIO on Mobile Security, BYOD and the Modern CIO Role CIO.com

    Some CIOs or technology leaders will say, "We've never had a breach." Then you really know that they don't have the tools in place that would even see if somebody intruded into their space. Awareness and being able to do something about it [are key]. Awareness is the big one. Awareness is hard.
    Sometimes I think you find your most talented people when times are tough, because it's those people that are dedicated to the business and the business of serving our customers who really shine. That to me is energizing. It's very hard for some people. Some people run from it. Actually, this is a time that brings out my true colors, too.
    I have a real respect for his [Thorsten Heins] capabilities. He's done a very nice job of focusing our business on the right priorities for us. Not letting us get distracted by trying to be everything to everyone, which is something we really need right now.
    I believe RIM will keep its edge. Security is part of your DNA. When you bake it into everything you do, and the way you handle processes, the way you communicate, you design with security in mind first. Security is not an add-on for us. It's in our products and in our processes. That's our heritage. That's our legacy, and we will continue raising the bar.
    10-12-12 11:14 AM
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    Good interview. We'll get that summarized and blogged up on the homepage.
    10-12-12 11:30 AM

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