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    Hey guys!
    Im a noob here so dont flame on me plz haha. With that being said, I currently have a Droid 2 Global. Its a good phone but the problem with it is that the battery only lasts me about 8-12 hours being used (texting/facebook). Also, the screen freazes up at times which really annoys me. Over the summer, I will be comuting to the city for school and will be away from a charger from like 8 AM- 8PM(roughly). My droid will not last me this long and thats a major problem. I got it on december 20th 2010, so its reletivly new. My mom has an upgrade coming up and she is fine with her phone so she said that I can take her upgrade for her.
    Another one of the reasons why I want a blackberry is because a lot of the kids especially girls have blackberrys (i hope you see what im getting at haha) So a major reason I want it is becuase of BBM. There are rumors going around that BBm will come to Android/Iphone but i highly dout this because people mostly buy blackberrys for BBM.
    Anyway, with my story done, can you guys help me decide what to do!?
    Do I wait till new blackberrys come out?
    Do i keep my Droid 2 global?
    Do i get the Bold or the Curve? (please explain which one and why?)
    Thanks a lot
    04-15-11 10:23 AM
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    Welcome to the forums.

    1st, let me point you to the devices so you can know what is a Bold and what is a Curve.

    BlackBerry Curve
    BlackBerry Bold

    Going for the BerryChicks eh? Well, the rumor BBM was going cross platform kinda was shot down for the moment.

    Keep in mind that the hardware specs on Berries and Droids are really apart, so if you're on the spec-boat, hold your breath till the next interaction comes out (devices running 6.1) in a few months.

    Which device will depend on your carrier mostly. You can't have a Bold 9780 on Verizon and AT&T will not offer the Bold 9650.

    Give this 101 a read: How to Choose the Right BlackBerry for You!. I know it is outated but the methodology used is still sound. Just apply it to the devices already in market (and to come).

    Come back after that if you have more questions!
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    04-15-11 10:58 AM
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    thanks! but first i need to decide whether or not i get a blackberry, then i decide what blackberry I want.
    04-15-11 11:53 AM
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    You shouldn't get a BB right now because they have a whole new lineup coming later this year with comparable hardware specs to your Droid 2G. If you really like the Android experience right now then moving to a BB might disappoint you. Have you considered getting an extended battery or spare battery?

    I know when BB's new lineup is out I'll be checking them out and might considered coming back if the browser is completely reworked. That's pretty much myonly reason I got an android phone.
    04-15-11 12:16 PM
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    i really want a blackberry i just wanna decide if its worth switching. Will verizon get these new devices? because At&t and sprint usialy get them first.
    04-15-11 12:33 PM
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    i really want a blackberry i just wanna decide if its worth switching. Will verizon get these new devices? because At&t and sprint usialy get them first.
    A CDMA roadmap was the 1st thing we saw so yes, they will be there.

    EDIT: This might be useful - What new BB's are coming to Verizon, soon??
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    04-15-11 12:49 PM
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    I'm going on your last statement you want a BB. Aight then which one? Well this would be a simple question to answer if we knew what you will be using the BB for. Only thing you mention is BBM. All BBs have BBM. So going with this I take it you want commucations. Base features of BBs have this covered. BBM, email, txt, sms, calls. Its outside of this that helps decide what device is best on your carrier of course.

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    04-15-11 01:43 PM
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    well i want a good camera and decently fast internet. i mainly want it for texting/e-mail and taking pictures of when my friends do stupid stuff hahah=]
    04-15-11 02:04 PM
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    i really want a blackberry i just wanna decide if its worth switching. Will verizon get these new devices? because At&t and sprint usialy get them first.
    If you can wait a few months, I think it will definitely be worth considering a switch. And most of the will be coming to Verizon (except the Torch 2).

    This link has the rumored product road map for CDMA phones (Verizon, Sprint) this coming year.

    Exclusive: CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011 - Montana, Monaco, Sedona, Malibu, BlackBerry 6.1 Evolution and more! | CrackBerry.com

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    04-15-11 02:15 PM
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    The Torch is too bulky and heavy.
    Most important it's not on vzm.
    Yea givening your useage I would suggest a Bold running 6.0. I've never used a curve with 3g so all my curves wasn't to snuff on the internet once I had gotten my Bold 9700. The tabs in the new browser speeds things up a lot is why I suggest os 6.o or newer. You didn't put a touch ui or video media on the list for critia so I won't suggest the storm cause I've never used one and don't know what the virtual keyboard is like on banging out txts and emails. I really think the Bold's keyboard is awsome.
    Don't worry about it. A BB will not disappoint you. BBs doesn't have to have tje specs that the other platforms have to do what it does. The key to this is learn how to use your BB and you'll have no problems and I might add that you'll most likely be more productive than you where.

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    04-15-11 04:02 PM
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    Well the Torch won't be going to VZW. it's an AT&T exclusive in the US... outside of the US, it's available on all major GSM networks (to which Verizon is not). Therefore if you want the Torch, be prepared to swap to AT&T. The Bold 9700/80 is a very solid choice. It felt solid when I had mine. However I bought mine off a scammer on eBay and got a shafted one, so upgraded to the Torch. No regrets.
    04-15-11 06:26 PM
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    You do realize BB`s have their share of problems too. If your looking for a bb as a fashion statement, which it seems from your post, there are much more useful phones out there.
    Wait till BBworld and see what they announce?

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    04-16-11 02:54 AM
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    It is a weird time to buy a blackberry...there a bunch of devices just around the corner...I would wait for a bit, if you can. If you can't, I have the Curve 3g and it is pretty good. I dig it a lot. I went this one over the bold. My battery last an entire day and I use the **** outta my phone.
    04-16-11 12:31 PM
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    I dont really want the torch anyway. I guess I will wait till the new blackberrys come out. Another question, since the new bold touch and curve touch will have touch screens, do you think the batter life will be lower. I knowno1 knows for sure do to the fact that they didnt come out yet but, just thought I would ask
    04-16-11 12:51 PM
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    Well battery life is affected by the amount of apps you're using & how much you use the phone, just because it has a touch screen does not necessarily mean the batt. life will suck.

    I use a Bold 9700 & my battery lasts me till the end of the day on most days. I def love this phone, it does everything i want it to & i dont have any problems with it yet *knocks wood* You just have to see which one suits you the best.

    also the storm 3 coming out this summer looks promising too.

    Side note-- About 2 months ago i left the BB world and switched to a HTC HD2 & i had the same problems as you, very low battery life & the freezing was driving me nuts, I wanted to throw it out the window.
    SO here I am, back to my blackberry & i don't think i'll be leaving anytime soon. Ive never experienced any of those kinds of issues with this phone & i love the BBM feature
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    04-16-11 01:42 PM
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    thanks for your help everyone. more opinions plz! =)
    04-17-11 12:40 PM
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    If you like a physical kb wait for the bold touch to come this summer. If you don't like the experience on that phone BB won't be for you!!

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    04-17-11 07:27 PM
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    I had the same dilemma and I chose the Curve 9300. It was cheaper with the same effectiveness. I like it's feel and the keyboard. Essentially you're picking between twin princes of the Cell Empire. The battery life lasts me for 2 days but I charge every 1 and a half to keep battery life except if I overuse it. That's your battery problem fixed. Also I find the browser on here manageable, but still not as good as Droid's.

    Hope this helped!

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    04-17-11 10:48 PM
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    I got a bold 9000 two years ago cause my iphone broke, then i missed the internet experience of the iphone so i got one six months later. Fast forward to 18 months later and i got sick of the iphone iOS and its limited customizable capabilities so i got a HTC Inspire. I loved it for about a week, battery was not even funny how terrible it was, with the screen brightness all the way down(god forbid its sunny out and i have to turn it back up to see something) and the simplest things would take forever, i would send one text and a load screen would stay up on screen for about three seconds which doesnt sound like a long time but for a text it is!! It can do alot more as far a multimedia capabilities goes but for me just texting, email and the occasional website ( which is much better on 6.1 compared to older versions) its absolutely perfect! I bought a used bold 9000 to wait until the bold touch comes out. I missed the bold so much and my finger tips hurt so much because im texting and emailing so much more quicker. Blackberries are amazing for a simple no glitz and glamor phone. Nothing can compare. Beautifully solid, perfect, reliable phones. Hope this helps!
    04-17-11 11:22 PM
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    I would also hold off for the Bold Touch or Touch. Personally if you do a lot of communicating the BT will be better for ya.

    If you do get one now, I would go for a 9780 if new.

    Really though if you can't hold off, get a cheap BB off Craigslist and you would be able to test it out and see if it is something you would like. Could get 9700's off there for 120-150 in good shape. Load up os6 to get the feel of the better OS, granted OS 6.1 is supposed to be better, but not out yet.

    Or just keep rocking your D2 till the new BB's come out.

    Good luck!

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    04-18-11 12:45 AM
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    thanks so much for your help guys! the thing im worried about most is the battery life. thats my main priority here. Speeddevil, i think we are in the same boat. the droids battery is outragously bad and i just need to check my news ocasionally or google a so things for school on the go. Im about to throw my Droid under a train haha but I think I will wait. I have read online that blackberrys have a lot of glitches. A lot of my friends have balcberrys and they break for them a lot.Not becase my friends are careless but because other reasons. Some peoples batterys stop working. But idk so im just gunna wait. MORE OPINIONS PLZ!!!!! thanks so much for all that contributed so far
    04-18-11 10:29 AM