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    Last night Blackberry for Business hosted their very first Twitter chat, #BBSMBchat. I know that not everyone was able to join in on the discussion some had prior arrangements and some simply do not use Twitter. For those of you that were not able to attend, as-well as those of you who wish to recap moments of the video or pause and read a few select comments, I have recorded a screencast of the chat as it appeared on the TweetChat page. The video is just under 2 hours long, I know the chat session technically ended at 8:02 pm EDT but the conversation didnt really die down until about 8:45pm EDT.

    Blackberry for Business – Small Business Chat Video Recap | Rapid Purple

    Or direct to the video: Blackberry For Business - Small Business Chat - 07.25.2011 on Vimeo
    07-26-11 07:50 AM