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    In a world where RIM's ideas are continuously copied/borrowed/licensed, keeping an eye on some of the great ideas their competitors are rolling out is pretty savvy.

    TAG Heuer Link Smartphone | Uncrate

    I'd could see myself picking up a Breitling or a Rolex BlackBerry phone. I'm sure these time piece manufacturors have noticed an impact in their buisness with the emergence of smart phones. I rarely ever wear my watches anymore.
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    I would be the first inline to buy a BlackBerry Breitling. I've been wearing Breitling for the past 8 years. Something about those watches... I am not sure rich at all, but I honestly cannot see myself without a Breitling, so a BlackBerry inspired one would certainly compliment each other.
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    07-13-11 05:41 PM
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    I guess I'm obliged to get one of those. Way overdue for this upgrade.
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    07-13-11 07:08 PM
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    That Tag phone looks sweet. I wear a Link automatic chronograph too.

    Breitling is paired with Bentley... If anything they would just ,make a Bentley phone (like those Mercedes and BMW phones).

    I personally like the Vertu phones (especially the Ferrari leather ones). And I don't see Rolex going into the phone business any time soon though. ...

    But a BB with QNX running on a Rolex/Breitling/Tag Heuer would be SWEET!
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